Stampin’ Up! – New Catalogue Papershare

New Annual Catalogue Papershare!

A papershare is a great way to get your hands on LOTS of different papers without having to buy ALL the packs!

In this share you will get HEAPS and here it is listed –

Petal Garden 12 pieces 6×6
Colour Theory 12 pieces 6×6
Wood Textures 12 pieces 6×6
Fresh Florals 10 pieces 12×12
Whole Lot of Lovely 6 pieces 6×12
Naturally Eclectic 6 pieces 6×12
Coffee Break 6 pieces 6×12
Pick A Pattern 6 pieces 6×12
Birthday Memories 6 pieces 6×12
Delightful Daisy 6 pieces 6×12
Eastern Palace 5 pieces 6×12 2 pieces 6×6
Bundle of Love 6 pieces 6×12
Foil Frenzy 12 pieces 6×6
Just Add Colour 12 pieces 6×12

Total is ONLY $73.00 (plus postage if needed)

Four people per share required. Contact me to order your paper or if you have any questions today on!



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